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Audit & Accounting

Our approach is based upon the philosophy that accounting & auditing should be viewed as a contributing factor to better business and administrative practices. Our experience with medium-sized, growth oriented companies permits us to address client services from a broad perspective, taking into account the relative strengths and weaknesses of the business as a whole. We believe that accounting and auditing services, when properly performed, should evaluate financial practices, identify inefficiencies & potential problem areas, and highlight service opportunities. Our firm provides services to both privately owned and public companies.

Taxation Services

We approach the tax aspects of financial management beyond simply meeting statutory requirements. We also advise each client on the most advantageous techniques available for minimising or deferring income taxes.

Restructuring & Reorganisation

The firm’s restructuring and reorganisation experience includes work with creditors and debtors, attorneys, examiners and investors, both in negotiated and bankruptcy situations. We will also participate in the reorganisation process by reviewing and evaluating the business plans developed by the debtor, assisting in the negotiation of reorganisation plan arrangements & in the preparation of a creditor plan, if necessary. Our expertise may be utilised in these primary areas: evaluation of the prospects for the business, determining alternatives for reorganisation, sale or liquidation; management evaluations; investigation of insider or related party transactions; review of programs for reducing costs or obtaining operating improvements.

Business Valuations

These services focus on assisting clients, attorneys, and others in estimating the fair market value, (or other appropriate standard of value), of closely held entities for various types of litigations and estate & tax planning purposes. The types of litigations include family law matters, dissident and oppressed shareholder lawsuits and partnership disputes. For estate tax planning we assist with valuations.

Due diligence is a major feature of our services. Prior to a potential acquisition, we assist companies in reviewing a target company’s books and records, organisational structure, and personnel, as well as the diversity and composition of their client base. This process benefits both buyer and seller. For the buyer, due diligence provides assurance that he “knows what he’s getting into.” For the seller, due diligence means assurance that the agreed upon purchase price will, in fact, be collected from the buyer with an understanding of the tax consequences of the sale.

Capital Access & Financing

We work closely with clients to develop financing objectives & to identify appropriate sources of debt and equity. Our strong contacts throughout the financial services industry enable us to match client needs with the specific requirements of the banking and investment communities.

Estate Planning

Effective asset protection is of increasing concern to families. In conjunction with our attorney’s, we offer comprehensive estate planning services including the structuring of wills, to creating Family Trusts, transitioning family businesses, and other strategies to mitigate excessive taxation.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services help our clients save or defer taxes and retain capital. We work with other services providers to provide guidance in the following areas: designing a personal financial plan, asset management options, portfolio diversification strategies, insurance and estate planning, retirement cost planning and pension and profit sharing plan implementation.

Information Systems

We are committed to employing state-of-the-art information systems wherever applicable. We believe that new technologies are central to innovative solutions. Our IS services include assisting in the selection and implementation of accounting/financial reporting software packages. This includes investigating software choices and evaluating current systems. We are continually reviewing and testing the latest software, and we actively promote and support Pastel and Quickbooks a suite of accounting software.

Management Consulting

Management consulting services cover the full scope of business, management and operational issues, from budgeting, organisational structure, personnel assessment, and hiring to strategic planning, business plans, finance sourcing, equity and debt sourcing. Our management consulting services help companies respond quickly to current and evolving business, economic and organisational issues.

Merger & Acquisition Consulting

The firm conducts due diligence investigations, validates financial & tax information, and identifies any potential areas of concern. Our tax professionals counsel companies on structuring transactions to maximise economic returns and minimise the tax burden. We also assist companies in creating practical business plans which confront the critical questions of asset redeployment and diversification, acquisition and disposition strategies and corporate growth plans.


With the tight labour market, many companies cannot recruit or retain the experienced personnel that are needed to run a successful accounting department. Our solution to this problem is the complete outsourcing of a company’s accounting department to our experienced personnel, whereby our firm, instead of yours, would be responsible for the day-to-day accounting functions. With computers, e-mail and the Internet, it has become much easier to have a remote accounting department. The benefits to the client include reduction of accounting department personnel and the related payroll and benefits costs, and reduced management time. More importantly, the client benefits from more accurate and timely financial reporting overseen by CA’s.
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